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 Abathor Application

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PostSubject: Abathor Application   2/20/2015, 7:46 pm

Username: Abathor

How active you can be: Fairly active, I try to reply to posts within the same day or the next. I will post to say if I will be gone for any extended period of time.

Experience: About four years or so on forums.

Roleplay Sample:

It was a quiet day within the forest clearing, the crystal clear pond shone from the sun beating down from above, and shadows that remained underneath the trees as if hiding from the light. There was a slight ripple and splash as a small fish jumped to catch a fly that was lazily floating over the clear surface, disappearing from sight as it quickly appeared. A tranquil spot for any that were in the clearing, as there was sounds of a blundering beast bursts from the undergrowth and falling to the ground facefirst.

"Oh bugger." The badger grumbled as he got up slowly to his full height, nearly as tall as the smallest tree nearby and dusted himself off. He dusted dirt from his tattered brown tunic and then worked on parts of his matted, once white fur that was his pelt. His head had the signature tripe that marked him as a badger, but his eyes were a purple color as he still looked with disgust at his dirty state. Shaking his short tail last, he walked over to the edge of the pond and cupped some of its water to splash his face, letting it soak for a bit to dry off.

Then he saw his own reflection on the ponds surface and his face of annoyance turned to one of regret. "Oh how far I have fallen...I wish I could have been better to you father." He said to himself with lament as he fell onto his back with a small thump and closed his eyes, shortly falling asleep from exhaustion.

Anything else?:

I try to run balanced characters as best as I can, I also tend to run older characters sometimes, but not always.

They change over time, becoming different then they once were from before. They grow, get injured, meet others, form connections, and mature as they get older.

If I do make a villain, I like to make him or her a interesting conundrum. A example would be a quiet, friendly hedgehog who turns out to be a remorseless killer when the sun goes down or when his victims least suspect him.
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PostSubject: Re: Abathor Application   2/20/2015, 7:52 pm

Accepted!  Welcome to Einnjoro!  Can't wait to see your characters in action!
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Abathor Application
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