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 Baynarra Application

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PostSubject: Baynarra Application   Baynarra Application Empty3/4/2015, 8:46 pm

Username: Baynarra

How active you can be: I usually check in at least once a day some times several times and post when it is appropriate. However to be realistic I may disappear for random short periods of time (A weak at most) especially when I am still getting situated here (Life likes to kidnap me sometimes and hold me hostage, I am sure you know how that feels). Though I will try and at least post a warning of my absence even if I don't have time to post in the RPs.  

Experience: I have been RPing on Redwall sights for a little under 2 years now.

Roleplay Sample:

Pavit lay in her bed staring threw the dark at the patterns of moonlight that decorated the carpeted floor. Her mind racing unable to sleep. She was a Journalist for her school newspaper. She had a article to wright and this time it was not just any article. It was on the new artifact at the Raywell museum. A legitimate blade of badger make. They say that it might even be the blade of martian himself though there where plenty that still thought that the story of Martian's blade was just folklore. Pavit had always love the stories and the ancient history of Mosfleur and for the most part believed them.

Tomorrow was the grand unveiling. She had called in ahead of time to make sure that she got in. She was supposed to write an article about the event and the blade itself. She had even arranged  for an interview with archaeologist Samson Strat the creature who found the blade. He was to speak at the event. She had to go threw a lot to get an interview she had almost not gotten in, many "legit" newspapers wanted to speak with him as well, but with a little ingenuity and help from her uncle, who had his connections, she got in.

She had tossed and turned all night words and phrased, paragraphs and the old stories swirling around in her head. She blinked coming out of her day dream, no real dream would come and sleep was reluctant to take her. Pavit Sat up leaning on her elbow and looked at the clock on her desk, flashing red, glowing like eyes in the dark. It read 12:00. She fell back on her bed and looked up at the ceiling. At this point she just wanted relief.

Sleep did come but slowly and by the morning she woke unsure weather or not she had slept at all. She lay in bed the light of the gray before dawn lighting up her bedroom just enough to clearly see  across the room to her neat desk with her laptop sitting open atop it, its black screen staring back at her, and a stack of paper notes and a text book sitting next to it. She listened intently for the sound of water flowing threw the pipes of the house to tell her that her father was up and taking a shower. The house was silent. She sat up in bed and swung her feet over the edge still partially in indecision.

'Oh I'm already up, can't hurt' She thought getting up and without getting out of her pajamas, a pair of baggy pants and a t-shirt of a purple color, she sat down at her desk and turned the monitor on.  There was a whir of power and and the screen flashed on asking for her password. The light of the screen slapping her face and lighting up her features, tracing her face leaving the rest in complete darkness compared to the light. She had light gray fur but the odd light made it look almost white, a small pink nose, fine whiskers and a tuft of long fur that, at this moment, decided to fall into her eyes. She brushed it away with one paw before entering in the password and the tuft of fur returned to her eyes.

This time she ignored it. She was already searching "The legend of martians sword, basis in fact?". She spent the next two hours trying to find what facts where known about the Martin legend. She did not even notice when the smell of hot muffins with currents and apples drifted up to her room and the sunlight had made its way up her bedroom wall. The sound of bickering was what finally got her attention.  

"...But I want to lick the spatula! You got it last time..."
"You get the spoon... hey give it back... Ew you licked it!"
"You can have it back,"

Pavit sighed and looked up from her work finally realizing how much time had passed. She quickly saved the links to the sights she was looking at to a folder on her desktop before closing the browser. She then snapped the laptop shut and slipped it into its satchel case. She Quickly changed out of her PJs and into a blue skirt and white blouse. She then grabbed her shoes and socks and threw them by her desk for later. She bounded out the door and stopped short blinked and swerving back round into her bedroom. She grabbed her glasses of the desk, placed them on the bridge of her nose and started back out the door, and down to breakfast.

Anything else?:

I would like to inform you that I have dyslexia and I tend to make, sometimes rather obvious, mistakes. Especialy in long posts. Often times it is just a typo that I missed. I am a lot better than I used to be though and I do check my posts for errors before I post.

I try and balance out my characters positive traits with some flaws and tend to wright either good beast characters which are well balance well rounded members of society but have a few secrets of there own or "Bad" characters with streaks of morality ones that are the way they are now because they had to survive but if given the chance would want to live in a place where they are respected. I like writing gray characters with a twist, a seemingly harmless actress with a dark past who covers it up with her upbeat friendly out going attitude, or a bad guy who deep down really just want's to be accepted. These things are mixed in with subtlety so sometimes I don't even notice that I am doing it.

I hope to use this sight to improve my writing and can't wait to start RPing with you guys.
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PostSubject: Re: Baynarra Application   Baynarra Application Empty3/4/2015, 8:58 pm

Accepted!  Welcome to Einnjoro!  I can't wait to get to know you better.  :3

Baynarra Application For_fo13
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Baynarra Application
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