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 Pantaleon Application

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PostSubject: Pantaleon Application   4/26/2015, 7:12 pm

Username: Pantaleon

How active you can be: Depends on whether the RP's format is short or long posts. Short posts I can reply to either the same day or within a few days, long posts (ie: over 1000 words) can take longer. I check into forums quite regularly in any case.

Experience: Been RPing and writing on various sites since 2007.

Roleplay Sample: (Taken from a previous RP)

Pantaleon strutted in front of the mirror, a proud smirk in his features. He had a short, dark red cape slung over one shoulder, its lining adorned with gold lace. The marten had brushed and pampered his fur all the way to the tip of his tail, making it smooth and gleaming. He had removed his fez; as much as he liked it, one simply did not eat and then dance with a hat on. Instead, he had chosen to wear a small gold circlet on his head, fashioned in the shape of olive leaves.

Pantaleon's guests would be arriving soon. There were only a few beasts worthy of attending such gatherings, most of whom were in the slavery business. Slaves were the lifeblood of the island after all. His guest of honour, Captain Laverna, was also bringing a few beasts of her own. He hoped they knew how to dance, it was one of his favourite diversions.

The pine marten shivered, despite the balmy warmth of the Sampetran evening breeze, which wafted through the open windows. He sensed Kawldkan was close by, and a soft knock on the door confirmed his intuition. The door to the Emperor's quarters was the only door in the world on which the marlfox knocked. Everybeast else just had to suffer Kawldkan's presence, invited or not. The Emperor alone was given the courtesy of refusing to see his spymaster.

"Enter," Pan called. His heart jumped a step as the marlfox entered, dressed in his evening wear. Kawldkan preferred greys and blacks to match his unique mottled fur. His style of dress was quite conservative compared to Pan, which made him seem all the more exotic. Kawldkan had allowed for a splash of colour though, pleasing the Emperor; he wore blood red sash from his shoulder to hip, and a creamy white silk neckcloth was tied elegantly around his neck.

Of all the trophies that Pan had stolen, looted or enticed into his Palace from around the world, the marlfox was the rarest and most precious treasure of all. Redwall might have a magic sword, but what was such a trinket compared to a living, breathing magical creature of legend? There was only one other beast Pan knew that had real magical powers, and that was himself. With his powerful gaze commanding the wills of beasts and Kawldkan's shadowy claws moving unseen to enforce his rule, the pine marten felt that nobeast could oppose him ever again.

Anything else?:

I don't tend to think of my characters as specifically being written as good or evil. To me they just have certain goals and motivations, and often that leads them to do evil things. So, whilst I do write a lot of tyrants, slavers, killers, thieves and cowards, I try to see things from their perspective and recognise the ways they think they are doing good, either for themselves or others.
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PostSubject: Re: Pantaleon Application   4/26/2015, 9:04 pm

Accepted!  Welcome to Einnjoro!  Can't wait for you to jump into the adventure with us.  Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Pantaleon Application   4/27/2015, 10:23 am

Hello and welcome!

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PostSubject: Re: Pantaleon Application   

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Pantaleon Application
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