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 Clarifying Fluff NPC's

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PostSubject: Clarifying Fluff NPC's   Clarifying Fluff NPC's Empty4/29/2015, 12:08 pm

Clarifying Fluff NPC's

Hello all!  I recently realized that when making the NPC master post I did not clarify that Fluff NPC's should only be used in addition to one of your approved characters in a thread.  This is now addressed in the master post, I encourage you to go and reread the post just so you know the ins and outs of NPC's!  NPC Master Post

Here is the clarification concerning Fluff NPC's as it appears in the master post:

Please note!  Fluff NPC's cannot, I repeat, cannot be played stand-alone.  They must be played with at least one of your active approved characters!  A good example of a Fluff NPC used correctly is Remo in the thread "In Which the Adventure Continues..."

Thank you all for your understanding!


Clarifying Fluff NPC's For_fo13
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Clarifying Fluff NPC's
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