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 Leaders of Tribes, Holts, and other such groups of creatures

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PostSubject: Leaders of Tribes, Holts, and other such groups of creatures   3/26/2015, 2:28 pm

This thread is under construction!

About Leaders

Welcome to the masterpost for the leaders of Einnjoro!  In this post you will see all of the current leader positions that are integrated into the game and who they are being played by.  Leaders are, as in the Redwall books, Skipper of Otters, Log-a-Log, and Foremole.  We will be using some of the same terminology for leaders that are in the Redwall books, and we will also be using our own terminology for other leaders not in the Redwall books.  

Anyone can play a leader, but leaders are different than usual characters, thus, you will have to apply to be a leader, and Elleth and Merenwe will choose out of the applicants the person who gets to be the leader.  For more info on how to apply to be a leader, please go to the bottom of this post.

Without any further adieu, here are the currently accepted leaders in Einnjoro!

The Leaders

Skipper of Otters; Holt Elska 
The Nordr Mountains, River Lygr, The Myr, Natta Bay, and Eyrr Spit areas

Skipper of Otters; Holt Nawala
Tinatr Pass, Northern Fhall Mountians, Mikill River, Eyrr Spit, and Natta Bay areas

Skipper of Otters; Holt Sebes
Lysa River, Lysa Estuary, Har Forest, Southern Fhall Mountains

Skipper of Otters; Holt Tinari
Kastali, Tingwar, Dagan

Skipper of Otters; Holt Hylli (Sea Otters)
Hylli Islands



Badger Lord (Taken)

General of the Long Patrol and other Ranks (Closed)
Still figuring this section out

Apply for Leadership

To apply for leadership you must...

Fill out the below character biography form with your intended character and post it as a reply to this thread.

Title of Leader:
Weapons Used:
Additional Information:

After applications have been made, you will receive a private message from either Elleth or Merenwe if you have been selected to the leadership role.

This thread is under construction!

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Leaders of Tribes, Holts, and other such groups of creatures
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