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 Seanan Ashby, Recorder

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PostSubject: Seanan Ashby, Recorder   Seanan Ashby, Recorder Empty3/26/2015, 1:16 pm

Seanan Ashby




Weapons Used:
A quill, the pen is mightier than the sword!

Seanan grew up at Kastali and was always a different creature.  Many thought he was too serious for a young mouse.  He didn't join the other young creatures at Kastali in there goofy antics, Seanan prefered to stay in some odd corner of the castle with his nose in a book.  This behavior did not go unnoticed by the Abbot at Kastali at that time, and the Abbot made Seanan the Recorders apprentice.  Seanan loved the job, and set to it with gusto.  Now the years have gone by and Seanan is the Recorder at Kastali, a job which he loves dearly.

A quiet, serious creature on the outside, Seanan definitely has a sense of humor that sometimes gets lost on those who don't know him, because they think he is always serious.  Seanan is generally good natured and calm individual, but he can get rather excited about some things.

Wise, knowledgeable, a sense of humor, good with riddles.  Likes other creatures and enjoys their company even if it doesn't really seem like it.

In his old age, Seanan has grown deeply fond of naps, and when things get to be too much, he'll find some sunny spot to nap in.  Forgetful at times, and gets agitated when creatures don't understand something that seems obvious to him.  He is also a bit finicky, he has things just so in his mess of an office, and gets rather mad if someone moves something without his permission. 

Additional Information:
Recorder at Kastali.

Seanan Ashby, Recorder For_fo13
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Seanan Ashby, Recorder
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