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 Abbess Leona

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PostSubject: Abbess Leona   Abbess Leona Empty3/26/2015, 10:05 am

Name:  Abbess Leona
Species: Pika
Age: 50 - odd
Gender: Female
Weapons Used: None
Background: Those who live with her in the castle would be shocked to hear that in her younger days, she was part of a force of fighting creatures.  She retired from that life long ago, however, and resided peacefully at the castle for many years before becoming the abbess.  She still maintains a keen knowledge of battle tactics, however.
Personality: Calm, peaceful, with an in charge personality.  
Strengths: Can keep calm in a crisis, knows battle tactics well, strong discernment capabilities in some situations...
Weaknesses: Soft-hearted, stubborn, always wants to think the best of people - but knows from her life experiences that some people are not redeemable
Additional Information:  Abbess of Kastali Castle.  Yes, I will be playing her as a character and not an NPC.
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Abbess Leona
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