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PostSubject: Taiben****    3/5/2015, 8:52 pm

Name: Taiben

Species: Chickadee

Age: young (the equivalent of 16)

Gender: Male

Weapons Used: N/A


He was one of the youngest of a large extended family, he was also on of the most curious and reckless. on day he wandered to far from home and was caught in a storm. he was found the next day by Ialla and Gerren with a broken wing. They nursed him back to heath and he was so great full that he stuck with them. he said that he owed them his life the least he could do was help them out a little. In fact the birds point of view helped them a lot, especially with mapping.

When Gerren went off on his own he made Taiben promise to watch out for Ialla for him. And when Ialla when off on her own Taiben went with her. Even though she tried to stop him and convince him to go back.

Personality: Curious, Loyal, talkative, friendly, a little naive, A bit shy and untrusting around strangers but is quick to warm up. he dose not really understand the concept of personal property but means no harm.

Strengths: Loyal, fast, agile, he can sometimes see the obvious that other people overlook. Has a good visual memory. His ability to fly gives him an advantage over land bound beasts or the furies and the snakes as he calls them (All mammals are furies and all reptiles are snakes)

Weaknesses: Almost useless in a combat situation and knows it. a bit naive. Never learned to read.

Additional Information: He feels he has a debt to pay to Gerren for saving his life.
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PostSubject: Re: Taiben****    3/5/2015, 8:58 pm

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