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 Descriptions of Areas

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PostSubject: Descriptions of Areas   Descriptions of Areas Empty2/22/2015, 2:58 pm

Descriptions of Areas

  • Mikill River Area - Eyrr Spit

Eyrr Spit is the main port of the known world. Ships from all over come here, and some are from far off lands.

  • Mikill River Area - Mikill River

The Mikill River area is comprised mainly of water meadows and the only species that are comfortable there are water based animals, and those rare individuals from non-aquatic species that are comfortable in the water as on land. (Aquatic and water based species referring to otters, shrews, ect.)

  • The Myr

The Myr is an area that most wish to avoid. It lies between the Mikill River and the River Lygr. The Myr is a giant marsh where evil creatures often hide out. Few know the marshes like these foul creatures.

  • River Lygr Area - River Lygr

The River Lygr is the smallest of the main rivers and is in the mountains mainly.

  • River Lygr Area - Holt Elska

Holt Elska was founded by the Novio Otter Clan. To this day the main clan that resides there is the Novio Clan. Many other species of animals reside here as well.

  • Tingwar Forest Area - Tingwar Forest

The Tingwar Forest is home to many a creature and is a Temperate Deciduous Forest.

  • Tingwar Forest Area - Kastali Castle

Kastali Castle is the old fortress that was built during Aldinn Alder as a stronghold for the good and upright creatures of the land. It is now starting to fall into decay, but creatures still live in it. The Rehti Monks and Nuns call this crumbling castle home, they hold many of the past records of the land here.

  • Tingwar Forest Area - Dagan Lake

Dagan Lake is the lake where many of the creatures residing at Kastali Castle go to fish and have picnics. The lake is not all that deep, but is rather large and the peaceful creatures from Kastali Castle are not the only creatures drawn to it.

  • Har Forest Area - Har Forest

The Har Forest is a rainy place and is one of the more wild areas in the world. The forest consists of mainly coniferous trees.

  • Har Forest Area - Lysa River

The Lysa River is more of a whitewater river up in the mountains and then slopes down to a smooth and calm river as it nears the sea.

  • Har Forest Area - Lysa Estuary

The Lysa Estuary is a place of sandy beaches and to the north are more rocky coasts.

  • Fhall Mountains Area - Fhall Mountains

The Fhall Mountains are a cold and windy place, only the hardiest of creatures call this land home. Hardened hawks, Lynx, Raccoon's, and Ravens live in this forbidding area.

  • Fhall Mountains Area - Tinatr Pass

Tinatr Pass is the only known safe passage through the Fhall Mountains. Because it is the only known safe passage, evil creatures hide out on the path that leads through the mountains, preying on those who would pass through.

  • Nordr Mountains Area - Nordr Mountains

The Nordr Mountains are smaller and not as cold as the Fhall Mountains. They have no tree line.

  • Islands - Tyna Isles

The Tyna Isles are home to Squirrel Tribes. They are forested islands.

  • Islands - Hylli Islands

The Hylli Islands are home to sea otter clans. The sea otter clans have spent many generations carving elaborate dwellings out of the rock of the islands.

  • Islands - Isle of Trisk

The Isle of Trisk has been home to Badger Lords for generations. There is only one Badger Lord at a time. The troops that serve the badger lords are hares.

  • Islands - Isle of Trisk - Mount Aldrnari

Carved into Mount Aldrnari is the stronghold of the Badger Lord's and hares. The mountain is a dormant volcano that has been dormant for hundreds of years.

  • Islands - Isle of Trisk - Essil River

The Essil River is a small river that runs from it's birth place near the foot of Mount Aldrnari to the sea.

  • Islands - Isle of Trisk - Western Dunes

The Western Dunes are located west of Mount Aldrnari. The Western Dunes are an extensive stretch of sand dunes along the west coast of the island. It is here that much of the training of the troops is done.

  • Land of the Rekkr - Vandr Bustadr

An old Vermin stronghold that to this day is still one of the main hideouts for evil creatures.

  • Land of the Rekkr - Myrkr River

The Myrkr River is to the south of Vandr Bustadr. In this area the slaves of the evil creatures are forced to farm for their captors.

  • Land of the Rekkr - Kaldr Mountians

The Kaldr Mountains split the Land of Rekkr in half. On the east side of the mountains the land is ruled over by evil creatures and on the west side of the mountains are good creatures that were either living there before the villains came or have escaped from the evil creatures.

  • Land of the Rekkr - Tals Streams

The Tals Streams are twin rivers that run from their origin somewhere in the Kaldr Mountains down to the sea. Here is where many creatures that have escaped the villain encampment hide.

  • Land of the Rekkr - Daudr Plains

The Daudr Plains is where the first colony of good creatures settled. Hidden among the rolling hills are houses of good creatures that live in constant fear of being found by the villains.

  • Land of the Rekkr - Vatn Lake

Vatn Lake is where the creatures who first lived in the Land of Rekkr settled. The island in the middle of the lake was where the creatures of the land made a place for any peaceful creature to come and live. When the evil creatures invaded the land, they burned the little village in the center of the lake to the ground.

  • Land of the Rekkr - River Foss

The River Foss is the river that runs through Vatn Lake to the sea. It has many waterfalls and has many places that the good creatures hide from the villains.

  • The Seas - Saer Ocean

Saer Ocean is the biggest ocean in the known world.

  • The Seas - Sea of Unnr

The Sea of Unnr lies between Saer Ocean and the main land.

  • The Seas - Nadr Straight

Nadr Straight holds dangerous waters. There are many a reef hiding just below the surface that threaten to rake a ships bottom to pieces. There are also dangerous currents that run by the southern coast of the Land of Rekkr.

  • The Seas - Natta Bay

Natta Bay leads to the busiest port in the known world. Many different ships from different places are found sailing around the bay.
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Descriptions of Areas
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