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 In Character/Roleplay Rules

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In Character/Roleplay Rules Empty
PostSubject: In Character/Roleplay Rules   In Character/Roleplay Rules Empty7/5/2014, 5:36 pm

In Character/Roleplay Rules

  • Characters species must be in the available species list.  Please DO NOT post with a new character until they have been approved.  You may have as many characters as you believe you can handle, but I wouldn't recommend more than five at a time.
  • Keep IC in the proper areas, no roleplaying in General Chat for example, no roleplaying in chat.
  • Goriness is allowed to an extent, think PG-13.  Sexual things are also allowed to some extent, again think PG-13.  If you would like to take any of those things into more detail, please take it to private messages.
  • NO GODMODELING, NO POWER PLAYING, you CANNOT just kill off a character without the consent of the roleplayer, and your character CANNOT be immune to all attacks, if your character is fighting, they will most definitely get hurt.  Your character cannot know things that you learned OOC.  If your character has not run across what you learned OOC, IC then there is no way your character could know.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO CHAT SPEAK IS ALLOWED IN IN CHARACTER POSTS.  Use good grammar, sentence structure, and please don't jump all over the place.
  • Please create original characters.  Use your creativity, I mean, isn't that what roleplaying is about?
  • No Mary Sues, Marty Stus, or Hood Ornaments.  Please look at this section to learn more about what this means. 
  • [NEW] If an open roleplay has two or more pages already please do not post with a new character unless it is okay-ed by the people currently in the roleplay or if the roleplay was planned that way.
  • [NEW] Only two characters per person per RP thread. 
  • [NEW] Your character can only be in one active RP thread at a time.  Things would just get really confusing if they were in two places at once.
  • Rules apply to all users, whether you have read them or not.

These rules are subject to change at any time. 
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In Character/Roleplay Rules
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