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 Kaidon I. Rosenthal

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PostSubject: Kaidon I. Rosenthal   Kaidon I. Rosenthal Empty2/21/2015, 10:37 am

Name: Prince Kaidon of House Ironforge, Kaidon Rosenthal
Species: Badger
Age: Young adult, 24-25
Gender: Male
Weapons Used: Claws, Oak Longbow, Long sword


Kaidon comes from a family of nobility that hold themselves as great warriors. The House of Ironforge promote their lineage of having the greatest warriors and blacksmiths from their bloodline, even if the House is not big and neither small.

His family has a reputation of being the strictest and most experienced fighters known, even during peace. All sons of the bloodline are trained to be either Warriors or Blacksmiths, very few have the ability to do both equally as good.

Out of the many sons who trained, Kaidon turned out to be the lucky few who could do both. He wasn't a great swordsbeast like his father but a excellent archer and a even better blacksmith.

There was just one little detail that his father down upon him for, he didn't want to fight. Another was he was always queasy whenever he saw blood to the point where he had to close his purple eyes and move away from it. His father was not all too pleased with this and looked at it as a weakness along with being a blemish to their line.

It all soon came to a point when his uncle on his father's side took his chance to become head of House Ironforge. He challenged Kaidons father, Galaril Ironforge, to a duel of honorable combat for rightful title of being the family head.

Kaidon, at the age of 24, had also made it the time to leave and avoid bringing further shame to his father, not knowing what the terrible outcome of the duel itself. His uncle, Trasden Ironforge, had put poison on his blade and when one strike made contact, the battle was already won when he dealt the final blow as Galaril was succumbing to the poison itself.

Only after hearing news did he learn of his fathers death, already far away that no one would immediately recognize him. Saddened deeply, he resolved to find shelter with the only family he knew could help him, his other uncle from his mothers side Lukran of House Rosenthal.

Currently he is looking for signs as to where the almost nonexistant House of Rosenthal is located along with avoiding hunters sent by his murderous uncle Trasden, since he was still technically Ironforge blood and under House law could become the next Head.


To those who first meet Kaidon they would find him shy, reclusive, and quiet.

When one really earns his trust, he opens up more by being social, voicing his own opinions, and his noble side starts to show more.

Often his own noble upbringing tends to make social contact awkward since hes never really talked with those not related to House Ironforge.


Hes no survivalist by any accounts, but he knows how to hold his own in a fight with being a excellent archer and good skills with a sword, along with knowing how to forge with metal if given the chance.

Kaidon also learned a thing or two about lying since much of the House try to get their way with words rather then fight during peacetime.


He has little to no survival skills whatsoever, other then knowing how to start a fire.

The badger also gets extremely nauseous around the sight or smell of blood and depending on how much or bad it is, he will actually faint.

Additional Information:

His only goal is to try and find out why hes like he is and find out if Lukran still lives. The only problem is Trasden wanting him dead to make sure his position as Head of Ironforge is secured.
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Kaidon I. Rosenthal
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