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 Good and Bad NPCs

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Good and Bad NPCs Empty
PostSubject: Good and Bad NPCs   Good and Bad NPCs Empty2/20/2015, 10:58 pm

This post is to discuss good and bad NPCs in general.

One way in which these forums differ from Redwall is that not all creatures which the Redwall books define as vermin are bad. And not all species which are good in Redwall are good. (I know there are exceptions to the rule in Redwall, but for the most part there are the good species and the bad species).

In Einnjoro, we allow "vermin" to be good and the typically "good" creatures to be bad. In your RPing, you can make you character "good" or "bad" as you wish.

However, NPCs will generally follow Redwall in their goodness and badness. NPC bad guys will generally be "vermin", and NPC good guys will generally be the "good" Redwall species.

Thank you for your attention!
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Good and Bad NPCs
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