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 Dante Riverstone

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Dante Riverstone

River Otter



Weapons Used:  
Longbow, Saxe knife, Sling

Born and raised in the community that lived with the monks and nuns at Kastali Castle, Dante has had a relatively peaceful life.  With many creatures around to help out Kastali has been a haven for many a poor creature, but Dante has found himself bored with the peacefulness and wishes to have adventures like the ones that he finds in the tomes that the monks keep.  Always one for trouble making, Dante has a bit of a reputation around the Castle.  Much effort has been put into keeping him busy and out of the way, so Dante has acquired quite a bit of knowledge, mostly of weapons and warfare, as those are what interests him most.  He trained with the otter tribe that stayed at the castle for a few seasons, and has learned many hunting skills from the creatures that inhabit the forest around the castle.
Dante is a happy-go-lucky creature and loves making new friends, he is very outgoing and loves to play tricks on people.  Although Dante is a hyper kind of guy he can also be very serious when the situation calls for it.  He also has a more down-to-earth part of him that likes to think and solve problems.

Friendly and outgoing, a very likable person.  He is very adept with his longbow and saxe from his training with the tribe.  A strong swimmer and quick on his feet.  He has a quick wit and is an observant creature.  Very loyal to friends and family.

Dante has an overactive imagination that often runs away with him.  He gets distracted easily.

Additional Information:
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Dante Riverstone
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