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 Niamh Streamrider

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PostSubject: Niamh Streamrider   Niamh Streamrider Empty2/16/2015, 8:34 pm

Name: Niamh Streamrider

Species: River Otter

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Weapons Used: Recurve bow, dirk

Background: Born to a tribe that viewed the rare albino creature as a ghost  or cursed creature, Niamh was abandoned at birth.  She was rescued by a travelling troubadour, a mouse by the name of Daithi Aherne and his wife, Bronwen.  Unable to have children themselves, they looked on her as a godsend and raised her to adulthood.  Niamh learned how to play the shawm, a small wind instrument, while she was with them, as well as how to use the recurve bow and dirk.  Daithi and Bronwen have settled down and are now permanent fixtures near Holt Elska.  Niamh has taken up the troubadour's life herself, an odd color animal is more easily accepted by others if they are a troubadour, people expect troubadours to be different.  Her chosen profession also allows her freedom of movement if animosity in one place should grow too fierce towards her.

Personality: She loves entertaining people.  Friendly and outgoing, yet reserved on a deeper level.

Strengths: She is very personable.  Skilled in woodscraft.  A strong swimmer.  Good at making up lyrics and tunes.  

Weaknesses:  She is afraid of rejection due to her abandonment by her parents.  This makes her afraid to get close to anyone except for Daithi and Bronwen.  Her odd coloring makes her easy to spot, unless she's in snow.  

Additional Information: She is albino.
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Niamh Streamrider
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