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 Introduction to Elleth

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Introduction to Elleth Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to Elleth   Introduction to Elleth Empty2/16/2015, 11:54 am

Hello all, you may call me Elleth.

Along with my sister Merenwe, I am one of the founders of this RP site. In the real world, I am an aspiring author with 3 completed rough drafts, one of which I am editing, a partial rough draft of a short story and a partial rough draft of another novel. I prefer writing fantasy novels and such. Worldbuilding is one of my favorite parts of writing, I completely enjoy immersing myself in different worlds than our own.

For a paying job, I work part time at a dog boarding, grooming, and training facility, as well as baby-sitting a lot! Smile I am married with no children and currently no pets, although I am preparing for a betta fish! I'm very excited to be getting a betta, and am enjoying finding all the things I need to make my betta's home perfect, as well as finding the perfect fish.

I am a huge animal lover, my favorite species is dogs, although I also love horses, cats, and fish, especially betta fish. I enjoy working with dogs and have been an active dog trainer since I was fourteen or so. I unfortunately cannot currently have a dog due to the rules of the apartments I am living in, which makes me sad.

I fiddle around with art now and then, but not nearly enough to make me good at it. So, while I hold aspirations of being able to draw good character references for my characters, I hold little hope of ever achieving them. Most of my creative energy goes into my writing. (Although, on a side note, my little hummingbird gryphon profile picture was created by me, and I don't think it's too shabby. XD)

Anyways, that's pretty much who I am at this point in time. I'll probably update this if any drastic changes occur. And, of course, I'll post a picture of my betta once I get him.

Looking forward to meeting and RPing with you!
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Introduction to Elleth
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