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 Brief Histories of the Ages

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Brief Histories of the Ages Empty
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Histories of the Ages

Brief Histories of the Ages Old%20Age_zpspsg8kit8

"Old Age"

Aldinn Alder is the first age.  After the world was created an evil hung over the land for many years.  During this time there were many battles between good and evil, both in the physical realm and the spiritual realm.  These were not peaceful times, and so earned the nickname, "Dreyri Alder," which means "Bloody Age."  Not many written records of this time period were kept, but many stories and legends have been past down by oral traditions.

Brief Histories of the Ages Lost%20gone%20Age_zpsbrnggdgt

"Gone/Lost Age"

Hvarfa Alder is Einnjoro's middle age.  In ways this was the golden age of the peaceful creatures.  The evil creatures were finally defeated and driven from the main land and the rest of the population lived in relative peace.  You would think that this age would be called the "Golden Age," but during this time period there were many cultural changes and things that were done before ceased to exist.  Groups no longer lived in the same areas, new ways of living came about.  So, the historians called it the "lost" age, because many of the old ways of doing things were lost, and many tales of the old days were also lost.

Brief Histories of the Ages Turnin11

"Turning Age"

The current age.  Times are again changing in Einnjoro, the land has been peaceful for a long time, and evil creatures are starting to take notice.  The peaceful creatures of the land have grown soft and untrained in war and weapons, leaving their lands nearly undefended.  But there is still hope!  For there are not only evil creatures migrating to the main land, but also just and upright creatures from lands that are much harsher than those of the main land.  And so our story begins...

Brief Histories of the Ages For_fo13
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Brief Histories of the Ages
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