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 Creating a Realistic, Well-Rounded Character

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Creating a Realistic, Well-Rounded Character Empty
PostSubject: Creating a Realistic, Well-Rounded Character   Creating a Realistic, Well-Rounded Character Empty7/16/2014, 5:37 pm

Hello again!  Since I have already provided information about not being Mary Sues and Hood Ornaments, and how to identify them, I thought it might be helpful to have some advice about creating a realistic and well-rounded character.  

In my opinion, the biggest thing is that your character should not be perfect.  A realistic character is not perfect, they have flaws.  These flaws/faults should balance their positive characteristics.  For example, one of my favorite RP characters is a hummingbird gryphon known as Ke'alohi.  He is quick to make friends, highly curious, virtually impossible to catch because of his hummingbird swiftness, and brave.  These can be considered his positive characteristics.  However, he is also quick to take offense, his curiosity can lead to "curiosity killed the cat" stupidity, (not to mention how rude he can come off as when curious), he will babble on about nothing in particular for hours if you let him, and his bravery basically amounts to stupidity, because he will attack anything he thinks needs attacking, even if they could kill him with one blow.  His hummingbird swiftness has a hummingbird metabolism, which means he needs to eat - a lot!  Those are his negative characteristics.  Together, they create a much more realistic and well-rounded character than if he only had the positive characteristics. 

This topic is also a fairly detailed and complex one, so, behold, I provide you with yet more links from someone who knows more/can explain better than I can.   Wink   You do not have to read these, they are merely here to help you find more information if you so wish.

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Creating a Realistic, Well-Rounded Character
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